I’ve been a little naughty including this in 1992 but, technically, I can just about get away with it. So I will. The song was actually released in 1991 as the soundtrack for Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, but the album on which it appeared didn’t come out until 1992. So I’m covered. Yay.

This is another rock anthem with a simple but memorable hook. And, given how simple I am, that was enough for me to store this away in the memory banks.

The irony here is that my religious beliefs – i.e. that I don’t have any – are at odds with the title of the song. But on the plus side, it’s funny watching grown men skip around in face paint and crazy jump suits. I guess they don’t take it too seriously. So I won’t either.

Here’s the Wikipedia link.

Here’s another version with a very KISS/American public service announcement at the beginning. If you can handle it.