Dwayne Barlow Media & Marketing Limited is a small media management and communications operation based in Matamata, New Zealand. Our areas of expertise are copywriting, market communications, design & layout, marketing & media planning and digital marketing. We use these skills, along with our network of contacts, to help select organisations tell their story in their own unique way.


Let us help you navigate through the digital minefield to find the best tools to tell your story.



Good design backed by quality printing gives you a great look and feel for your business.



Clear, concise, plain-English copywriting is one of the best ways to tell your story.


We can help you pull your media plan together, using the best tools to tell your unique story.

My Story

My name is Dwayne Barlow. Dwayne Barlow Media & Marketing Limited represents the current stage of my professional journey. I have been given the opportunity (and challenge) of creating my own media and marketing narrative, one story at a time. My areas of expertise are: copywriting, design & layout, marketing & media planning and management, and digital marketing.