Great Reads

I read. A lot. I like to keep this old(ish) mind of mine ticking over, and the best way to do that is to learn something new. Everyday, if possible. Or every other day if I can.

Some bloggers worth reading

I follow a few on-line writers (you know…bloggers). Here are several of my favourites:

James Altucher Sometimes you may just want to top yourself after you’ve read one of Altucher’s posts. But you don’t because the writing is so good. And so are some of the ideas. Check him out (but you’ve been warned).

Seth Godin This man is a prolific writer and idea generator. His “daily riffs on growth, marketing, storytelling, ideas that spread and work worth doing” are legendary. Cool guy.

Chris Guillebeau I stumbled across Chris a while back. His current goal is it visit every country in the world. Oh, and while he’s at it he wants to take over the world. He writes well…and he’s personal. A great little combination.

Early To Rise This is a daily inspiration newsletter dealing with health, wealth and motivation for entrepreneurs. Current editor, Craig Ballantyne, is good. Previous editor, Michael Masterson, was great. This is a nice daily read and something I’ve been following for a while now.