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Dwayne Barlow Media & Marketing Limited is a small media management and communications operation based in Matamata, New Zealand. Our areas of expertise are copywriting, market communications, design & layout, marketing & media planning and digital marketing. We use these skills, along with our network of contacts, to help select organisations tell their story in their own unique way.

Cornerstone Clients



I work alongside the team at MIMICO and sister-company Crane Sales NZ, helping with their digital marketing and general marketing support. This includes managing their websites and social media, publishing regular EDMs, promotional design work and general marketing support. I helped MIMICO upgrade their digital home, including a new website, and also built a new site for Crane Sales NZ.


WaiBOP Football

I am the Communications Manager at WaiBOP Football. This is a part-time position that allows me to combine my football passion at a regional and national level with the rest of my business activities. During my time with WaiBOP, we have updated the organisation’s website twice. I was also the media manager for WaiBOP United during the team’s three season run in New Zealand’s men’s national league.


Website – Ricki Herbert Football Academy

The Ricki Herbert Football Academy is committed to the advancement of football in New Zealand by helping children of all skill levels reach their maximum potential in an enjoyable but structured environment where peak performance is inevitable. The RHFA is growing, so...

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Website – WaiBOP United

Part of my role at WaiBOP Football included media management responsibilities for WaiBOP United, an ASB Premiership football team. I developed the franchise's website prior to their first ASB Premiership season (2013/14) and upgraded it with a device responsive design...

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Website – J Swap Contractors

J Swap Contractors Ltd is a multi-diversified business based in Matamata. The company had its beginnings in 1937 when Joe Swap started working for the farmers in the eastern Waikato. The company continues to do this – with many rural customer relationships going back...

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Website – Swap Stockfoods

J.Swap Stockfoods are market leaders in the supply and delivery of Stockfoods to dairy and beef farms in New Zealand. They hadn't updated their website since 2008. It was old and badly in need of new life. In partnership with Hamilton-based firm WebSpring we created a...

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Website – Friends of Football

Friends of Football is an independent group of people with a common interest in sharing their love of the ‘beautiful game’ and its rich and proud history as the globe’s most popular team sport. They’re passionate about protecting and promoting the positive aspects of...

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Website – Matamata Swifts AFC

I recently upgraded Matamata Swifts AFC's club website. It's much better than the old one! One of the main issues we faced, however, was the vast amount of information on the old version of the website. It was just too big of a job to bring it all across to the new...

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Technical information website – Metso New Zealand

In January I finished off a full overhaul and content update of Metso New Zealand's password protected technical information website. The site is essentially a glorified library, so we had to ensure usability was simple and intuitive. One of the coolest parts of this...

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