Here’s a nice safe start. My 1972 soundtrack song, and the first on my 40 year playlist, is Rocket Man by Elton John.

Obviously, as a zero year old in 1972 I didn’t actually hear this song when it first came out. My Dad was a bit of an Elton John fan (to the point he gave Elton to my brother as a middle name) but that’s not why I chose this .

No, I first heard Rocket Man on one of those compilation records (yes, an actual vinyl record. Those were the days…). This particular record had a space theme including, as it did, songs with sci-fi related and sounding names. Songs like Bowie’s Starman, Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft by The Carpenters, the instrumental Telstar, the Star Wars theme, you get the picture. As a kid I was solidly in to all things space-related and this particular record got thrashed and thrashed and thrashed.

I distinctly remember listening to, and loving, this song on my space record. I have to say, it’s aged well. I also like the concept that something as exciting as being an astronaut could be just another job.

Here’s the Wikipedia link.