In a year when four Wombles tunes made the UK top 100 we’re going for something a little different. Actually, a LOT different.

Technically more of an album than a song and, my research tells me, released in 1973 rather than ’74, we’re still putting Tubular Bells on the soundtrack because it charted in both the UK and USA in 1974. So…I’m covered.

When it was released this was something so opposite to everything that had gone before. I like that idea. The piece of music is complex in its delivery yet so simple in its execution. A master work if ever there was one.

But that’s not why it’s on the list. Tubular Bells sticks in the memory because it was literally forced on me week after week after week by my high school music teacher (3rd or 4th form I can’t quite remember). I became sick of it at the time but came back to it later. I guess it’s a fairly mature piece of work so I didn’t get it at the time. I do now.

Here’s the Wikipedia link.