I know, I know. This is a cliche. But hear me out.

I came to know Queen properly about a decade after Bohemian Rhapsody was released. Maybe a bit more. They were, are, brilliant and ended up being one of a small pocket of groups I came close to obsessing about (in a pseudo-obsessive sort of way, if that makes sense). I had them on cassette, CD and VHS. I even have a book about Queen somewhere! Some of those CDs still survive in my limited and, quite frankly, appalling music ‘collection’. That’s how much I rated them. And this was their master work.

Again, like all the tracks in my list so far, this has survived the test of time. It plays as well now as it would have in the mid-70s. In a world awash with musical detritus, longevity is one of the truest tests of quality. And Bohemian Rhapsody is quality.

Here’s the Wikipedia link.