As we enter the 1980’s I promise I’ll introduce a few more songs you may not have heard of or, at least, might be a little moreĀ obscure than what I’ve chosen so far. The super groups are super groups because they’re, well, super, so they were clearly what anyone who wan’t fully conscious would choose to listen to when they looked back. Thus my choices from the seventies.

But I’m an eighties child. That’s the decade when I grew up. So music was more to the fore for me. That’s when I started listening to what was on then and there. In 1980, though, I was still on the cusp…but I do remember Split Enz. Beacuse they were strong, very different and international. I Got You is a catchy single that, like many songs on this list, has held up well over the years. It’s not an emotional favourite, but it’s the best piece I can find from 1980. As a kiwi, I’m glad it’s on my soundtrack.

Here’s the Wikipedia link.