I could have gone with the safe option from 1981 (In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins) but then, when I thought about it, that would be against what I’m trying to achieve here. Looking back there was some decent music on the charts in ’81, so I guess that makes what I’m going to do next even worse…

I’m going with my gut here and putting this out there fully expecting a wave of derision.

Believe It Or Not was the theme tune from the early-80s TV show, The Greatest American Hero. I remember loving that show (I wasn’t even ten when it came out, so lay off!). I can vividly see the characters as if they are real even though their perms and flairs are well out of date. And I can still  remember this tune. Truly something from my childhood (albeit with little, or no, artistic merit). I did say I was going to get obscure.

Here’s the Wikipedia link.