Wow! What a great year for music 1982 was. So many really, really, really good (and memorable) songs to choose from. Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger still stirs the soul (yeah, seriously, even with that classic ’80s video), while Our House by Madness is another classic that has had a lot of recent airplay thanks to a couple of decent sized events in the UK.

But, I’ve got something better even than those two…

I came to this work from the Alan Parsons Project well after it was released, but no matter. This is epic. The lead-in (Sirius) is now an iconic sports beat and the guts of it (Eye In The Sky) finishes things off nicely and proves that 1982 was a great year for eyes. It’s memorable for me because I still listen to this as much now¬†as I did in the past. This is a great tune from a year of great tunes.

Here’s the Wikipedia link.