1985 was my first year at high school and, as much as I’d like to share a story of angst that brought me to this song that then led on to a character defining time in my life…I can’t. High school wasn’t that remarkable from either a positive or negative point of view. It’s just what I did at the time.

But I do remember Money for Nothing. This is on my list for no other reason than the instantly memorable guiter riff at the onset. There is no chance I’d ever forget it and I don’t think you would either. Having said that, it’s also a pretty decent piece of music and is definitely a signature tune from the times.

The music video brought back a few memories. Man, was that cutting edge at the time. How dated it looks now…

Of course, the use of the word faggot (repeatedly) upset some people, and it looks like it eventually got taken too far. You can read the Wikipedia for more on that, if you can be bothered. I think the rest of us get what was going on with the lyrics.

Here’s the Wikipedia link.