As we head into 1994, my first year out of university and in the ‘real’ world, I have to admit I’m struggling to find any really great and memorable stuff. (But don’t worry, things pick up over the next few years.)

Many of the songs that charted in 1994, the ones I liked at least, were actually released in ’93. And, try as I might, I can’t really find anything to justifiably bring them into ’94. This song, actually, fits that category, having been released in Sweden in late-1993. But its UK, USA and NZ release wasn’t until 1994.

Soooo, after all those qualifications, what I’ve chosen here is a song I actually grew to hate. It was huge at the time, so was just about all you heard on the radio. A mate of mine, who I played football with, had a bizarre liking for this and other stuff by Ace of Base, which made matters even worse. Instead of great and memorable we have horrible, but memorable nonetheless. Just this once.

Let’s move quickly on to 1995…

Here’s the Wikipedia link.