What would a project like this be without one of the biggest bands of the ’90s, much less one of their biggest songs? A bloody disgrace, that’s what.

Probably a good indication of the quality of Oasis’ work came recently. I recovered my old CD copy of the album, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?, from one of the football club’s vehicles only to find the CD had been removed from its case and replaced with some random ‘hits of the day’ piece of cr*p. Stolen! Even the kids of today¬†like their early work, so I guess¬†that’s good enough for me.

As you’ll already have guessed, much of my taste in music is fairly mainstream so there should be no surprises when chart-toppers like this appear on the list. Wonderwall is half chant, half drawl and all class, which is something amazing coming from City fans. It just goes to show pretty much anything is possible in this world.

Here’s the Wikipedia link.