This is the best football song ever built.

It was launched to coincide with England’s hosting of Euro ’96 and exploded. A catchy terrace chant married to a solid tune and coupled with some insightful lyrics meant Three Lions became legend. Something that started as a song for the England team was latched onto by everyone (witness the cheeky Germans at the end of the YouTube video below). It captued the mood of the time, both in England and around the football world.

Not only was it the tune of that European summer, it has been remade, relaunced and reused time and time and time again. My brother was lucky enough to be in England during the tournament while I had to view it from afar. This song is the one massive abiding memory of a tournament that should have been the forerunner to the 2018 World Cup (damn you FIFA).

The sentiments of hope, failure, success, defeat are things we can all identify with, whether we’re football fans or not.

Here’s the Wikipedia link.