Wow. The year 2000 already. The turn of the millennium and, guess what? No Y2K bug.

Never Be The Same Again came out at about the same time Jean and I visited the UK for the first time. We had a car for about a month and toured all over the place. London, Lincoln, Durham, Edinburgh, Inverness, The Lake District, North Wales, Somerset, Kent, the South etc… and this bloody song was all over Radio 1 at the time. It became the soundtrack of our trip.

This a classic piece of word (or rather, song) association.

Yes, I can spot the irony. I’ve slagged off the Spice Girls a couple of times during this series of posts. But hey, we’re dealing in specific songs here, not, er, bodies of work. So cut me some slack.

To cover myself, this also came out in 2000. It’s a far better song, but doesn’t have that association.

Here’s the Wikipedia link.