My first son was born in 2007. Having kids is the most mind-altering experience you will ever have. Bar none. When Nathan came along the sun definitely set on my previous life, while opening up a whole new, far more fascinating, unknown path ahead.

Stated rather crudely, a new-born is a complete blank canvas. The responsibility of helping that helpless little creature paint out their future, one brush stroke at a time, is overwhelming. But then you do it, because you’re a parent and that’s what you do.

And that’s why I get very, very angry when I see people who have kids as part of their lifestyle choice. W*ankers. We have a massive problem with that in NZ and I’m sick of funding it. But what can I do? The best answer is to ensure my own kids grow up in a loving environment, with the correct set of values, are taught to think for themselves, question everything and learn to take responsibility for their own actions.

I never really liked or took much notice of Linkin Park before Shadow of the Day came out. While not a life changing piece of music it appeared at the right time. Actually, the 2007 album Minutes to Midnight has another decent song on it as well. And no, I don’t only like this one because of the Megan Fox-fuelled Tansformers movie (although that helped)… Well done Linkin Park.

Here’s the Wikipedia link.