There aren’t too many Kiwi bands on my list so it’s somewhat appropriate that, as the last decade ended we can get something local in there.

My second son was born in 2009, but I’d be pushing it to say this piece of music dove-tailed with his emergence. Again, it’s a good song that, I think, should have made it a little bigger globally than it actually did. But, we’re a small little country that hardly anyone cares about, so most of our little gems tend to go unseen.

I saw Midnight Youth perform All On Our Own live at a business event in late 2011. If I’m being completely honest, they were in the wrong place at the wrong time because, as good as their performance was, they were playing to a room of dead fish. It was funny to watch, though, and almost as puzzling as watching Kevin Roberts lose it on stage.

Here’s the Wikipedia link.