It’s been over a month since I wrote about anything in this little blog of mine. Not good form, I know, from a potential long-term blogger. It is what it is, however. I do intend to persevere.

It’s not as if I’ve been short of things to write about. The US election, and the campaign preceeding it, was a fascinating watch. The best campaigner, Obama, won in the end, but unfortunately, he’s the weakest leader of the two candidates and, with the record he ran up over the last four years, doesn’t appear to be the man to fix some pretty big problems (many of his own making) in the States at the moment. I hope, for the sake of my American friends, I’m wrong about that, though.

It’s a shame Romney wasn’t more of an inspiring option because had a record that meant he should have been a shoo-in. In the end, he made some pretty dumb moves (47% anyone? And why would you back off over Benghazi-gate?) and deserved to lose. He played it too safe, to the point where he didn’t come off as being genuine, even though he’s clearly a decent guy.

It would appear the Republicans have some decent leaders and smart ones too, if you think about it. The really good ones are either too young or, more likely, backed off because they knew defeating Obama, despite his short comings, would be next to impossible in the current environment. So they ultimately sent Romney out as the sacrificial lamb. And he had his throat cut on the altar of celebrity.

Romney wasn’t helped by the fact that Obama has a pretty compliant media, by and large, in the US. The press conference a couple of days ago just reinforced that. As a media professional, it’s both bizarre and exhilarating to see. Hardened journos in awe of President Kardashian do themselves and their profession a huge disservice.

Obama is a master of his art, and he has a pretty impressive team around him. The thing is, his art is winning elections not leading countries. The next four years is going to be captivating.

For the record, my politics probably don’t fit into either of the rather narrowly defined boxes allowing entry to either the Democratic or Republican zealotry clubs. I’m all for small government, self-responsibility and low taxes, but I’m not religious, I’m pro-choice and I hate country music. So if I was an American I guess I’m a fiscally conservative independant with one foot in either camp. The kind of person who, ultimately, decided the election.

So that’s my little bit on one of the biggest pieces of current affairs of the year. It’s no masterpiece but it’s what I think. And that counts for something I hope.