I wrote the following article in September 2009, not long after my second son was born. It’s nice to take a look back and remember.

Last week was one of the strangest in my life. It seemed like everything just went on hold for seven days as I waited for my second son and Matamata’s first Federation League title to arrive.

The draw in Tauranga was unreal. Not only the result but the way the result happened. Only in football!

The due date for young Theo’s arrival had already passed as I set off for Links Ave. The seismic shock of that game (we drew 2-2 against the worst team in the league) wasn’t even enough to make him arrive. Maybe he wanted to avoid his grumpy Dad. Smart kid.

No, he waited for another seven days to make the grandest of entrances. Perfect timing, I reckon, and hopefully a portent of things to come during the rest of his life.

When Jean woke me at 5am on Saturday morning I figured I’d have to write off making the trip to Galloway Park for the title decider. Fast forward two hours and Theo was in our arms. Not only smarts and perfect timing but rapidness with it. All attributes of a top class centre forward…

So, I had plenty of time to get myself sorted for the Claudelands game, and this week there was no mistake. We won, and the internal pause button that had caused me so much frustration last week was switched back to play.

My life in this challenging world began again. It was smiles all round and a little chuckle at the folly of what my mind had forced me to endure.