Today, we’ve got a post with few words and many photos. Over the last few weeks I’ve taken plenty of pics around town. Even though we’re well into winter it still feels like autumn and this is what it looks like.┬áHere are a few of the best pics showing our small town in all its autumn/winter glory.

Welcome to Matamata. Even the birds wanted to say hello.

The rest area where Firth Street and Burwood Road collide.

Banks Road. I grew up down there. We didn’t have a foot path back then.

Burwood Road.

Where the spiders sleep. A goal at the Matamata Domain – home of the world famous Matamata Swifts.

That’s my town’s name. Don’t wear it out.

Heading north along Tower Road.

Firth Tower. Beats the Sky Tower any day.

Tower Road. That’s the way back to town.