Win a Website!

Yes. A free website!

Does your organisation need a modern, device-responsive website that tells your story across multiple device formats? Yes?

It could be yours. For Free. We are giving away a brand new website to one lucky small business.

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How does the opportunity to Win a Website sound?

It’s surprising the number of companies that either don’t have a website yet or, probably worse, have a site that looks like it was built in the early days of the web. If you don’t have a website, get one. Now. It’s easy. It’s inexpensive. And you can have a good site up and running pretty quickly.

Your website is your digital home base. You control the content, messaging and how your customers interact with you on your website. Your website is up 24/7. It doesn’t sleep so that, you know, you can.

A (good) website is part of what we like to call your business’s Digital Essentials [read all about that here]. In summary, your website is the pointy bit on the top of a triangle of digital tools that you really should be using.

We’ve noticed, however, that a lot of small (and not so small) businesses struggle with this stuff. In this digital age so many organisations still don’t even have a basic website.

Why? Our, fairly educated, guess is it’s mainly down to TIME.

Good business owners, like you, know what they need. But so often in many organisations time is a scarce resource. I know that as a small business owner myself. The day-to-day stuff gets in the way. Working with staff, answering the phone, paying the bills, clearing emails(!), and actually doing all the important things you’re in business to do. There’s never enough time on the clock for everything is there?

So we’d like to help one business build the first point of their digital triangle. Today, you can Win a Website.


What do you need to do?

Just fill out this entry form and submit by December 21, 2017. You have nothing to lose.

In early January, at the beach…with beer in hand…we’ll look at all the entries and decide on one lucky winner, who will Win a Website. We’ll pick our winner based on the answers to the questions as well as a bit of research we’ll undertake on all the entries.


What could you win?

  • A new, device responsive website built on an easy-to-use content management system (CMS).
    • The website will include four sections: a Home page, an About Us section, a Contact Us page and one other section of your choosing (say, Testimonials, Products, Services or something else suitable for your business).*
    • Content (words, images, movies) will be provided by the Win a Website promotion winner.
  • Free domain name registration for one year.**
  • Free website hosting for one year.***
  • CMS training so you can add content to your website – and grow it – to keep it fresh.
  • A Google Analytics account so you can keep track of how visitors are using your new website.

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What do we get out of this?

There has to be a reason why we’re doing this, right? There’s several, actually:

  • We get to build another website, which is something we like doing.
  • We get to help another business (maybe yours?) build their business.
  • Hopefully, this promotion generates a reasonable amount of buzz and gets (at least a few) business owners thinking: “S***! Yes. I know I should be doing this stuff. I like what I see. These guys might be worth a call.”
    • Then, hopefully, we’ll get to build some more websites and help some more businesses build their business.

Enter here now!



  • * With the training you’ll receive you’ll be able to grow your site by adding pages, new sections and content. Or, if you’re strapped for time, you could engage DBMM to do this for you.
  • **This applies to the cost of new domain registrations only. If the winner of this promotion already owns a domain name and wants to use it then we’ll build your new site under that domain.
  • ***If the winner of this promotion does not currently have a website then the new website we build will be hosted by DBMM’s preferred hosting provider, which includes one year free hosting. If the winner of this promotion currently has a website then we’re happy to either continue using that host (at the winner’s cost) for the new site we build or host it with DBMM’s preferred provider, which includes one year free hosting.

The Win a Website promotion winner will be chosen by the Directors of Dwayne Barlow Media & Marketing Ltd. We expect it’ll be a difficult decision, but we can only build one free site at this point in time (we have three kids to feed… We’re sure you understand).

Terms & Conditions

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